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Letter for Mimi 2 – Let’s Play by Jyrakos

Let’s play by Jyrakos!

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SEO website update

I worked on a little project today to optimise the website for search engines, or search engine optimisation. One of the things I have done is added meta tags to all the pages, which now contain keywords like ‘Flixel’, ‘Flash’, ‘games’ and ‘tutorials’. As you might have noticed, I have also added a favicon which […]

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Bottle cap collection online

I have been working on a website to catalogue my bottle cap collection, the result so far can be seen above. As the goal is to create a clean overview of my collection, I decided to use the Twitter Bootstrap API and Font-Awesome as opposed to creating my own layout. I am pleased with the […]

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Site update

The new website is up, looking fresher and greener than the two previous lay-outs. Central in this theme are the games, which can be visited directly from the homepage by clicking the little icons. I’ve also updated the logo of the website, it now features characters from various games I have made standing in line. […]

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