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Letter for Mimi 2 – Let’s play by ExemplaryGentlemen

Let’s play by ExemplaryGentlemen

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Letter for Mimi 2 official walkthrough

There are 10 Huge Pencils you can find in the game, you need to collect all of them in order to finish the game. If you turn on Show Coordinates in the settings menu, it will be easier to use this walkthrough. Some characters wander around, so they will be somewhere near the coordinates mentioned. […]

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Letter for Mimi – blue key & secret room

Some people have asked me what the blue key in Letter for Mimi can be used for. I made this short video to show how you can unlock the secret room and what the blue key does.

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Letter for Mimi – Walkthrough

Letter for Mimi walkthrough. The video lags a bit sometimes, this is due to the fact that Camtasia was not able to correctly capture the Flash screen.

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