Pseudo 3d scrolling example in Actionscript 3

A while ago I found this great resource for pseudo 3d racing games by Louis Gorenfeld. Unfortunately, the page is more of a general guide than a complete tutorial. I created the example above, the *.swf is locked at 6 fps so you can see the scrolling very clearly. You can expand it further if […]

Animated tiles in Flixel

I managed to get animated tiles working for a game I am developing in Flixel. The method I have used is not very efficient: the program loops through all the tiles in the tilemap and changes the tile if it is an animated tile. In the future I might improve this method if it creates […]

How to use Mochi API with Flixel and actionscript 3 Flash

Edit 2017-04-28: Please note that Mochimedia has been offline for a couple of years now, so the example below cannot be used anymore. I’ve left this blog post intact for historic purposes. As a supplement to my Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial, I have written this post to explain how to add Mochi ads to your […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 12: Tips

Index Previous part: Sound This post concludes the Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial, a mini-series for making an awesome Flash game. I hope you have learned some valuable skills and have had a lot of fun in the progress. Although the tutorial is far from perfect, and you still have a long way to go before […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 11: Sound

Index Previous part: Winning In the previous part we have made a menu and a credits screen, this was all done in complete silence. It’s time to change things for the better by adding some sounds to the mix. There are two types of audio that we will be looking at, sound effects and music. […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 8: Picking up items

Index Previous part: The Inventory Previous part of the tutorial we have created an inventory system. Now, we will create an item in the world for the player to interact with and pickup. For the pencil we want to have a world-representation in the form of a character. The way Flixel handles sprite-sheets allows us […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 7: The Inventory

Index Previous part: Creating layers with FlxGroup In the previous part we have used the FlxGroup class to group objects and manipulate them. In this part we will make an on-screen inventory. We want to display items on-screen like we do with the dialog. Let’s start by creating an item class, we want it to […]

Dead Island – Multiplayer Problems

A couple of weeks ago me and three of my friends bought a four-pack of the game Dead Island for the PC. After seeing the awesome trailer, everyone was excited to play this awesome game. So we bought the game, and after receiving my game-code, I started the game, little did I know what I […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 5: Interactions

Index Previous part: The World In the previous part we have made a world for our main character to live in and walk around. However, he is a bit sad and lonely and we want to give him a pal to talk to. The sad truth is however, that he cannot talk at all, since […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Index

Games that I enjoy making are adventure games, such as Kees’ Adventure: The Lost Chapter or Crossroads:2D. They remind me of my childhood when I used to play a lot of games like these, such as Pok√©mon and Zelda. What I liked about these games was that you get the feeling you can go everywhere […]