How to use Mochi API with Flixel and actionscript 3 Flash

Edit 2017-04-28: Please note that Mochimedia has been offline for a couple of years now, so the example below cannot be used anymore. I’ve left this blog post intact for historic purposes. As a supplement to my Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial, I have written this post to explain how to add Mochi ads to your […]

How to make money using file-upload services such as Rapidshare, Hotfile and Megaupload

The cost for 128 kilobytes of memory will fall below U$100 in the near future. Creative Computing magazine December 1981, page 6 [1] Back in the day, 128 kilobytes was a lot of memory, now it sounds quite strange that someone would pay a hundred dollar for such an amount! The decrease in price of […]