Letter for Mimi 2 – difficulty level

I used the Newgrounds API to log when a player found a pencil. In the graph above you can see the number of times certain pencils were found. It is easy to spot that the pencils that did not require any items were easiest to find: the one in Mimi’s house, Yu’s house, etc. The […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – version 1.0.1

I have updated Letter for Mimi 2 on Newgrounds and kcnhgames to version 1.0.1. There was a bug where Roxy would wander outside of the bounds of the interior of Boulder builders inc. It had to do with the way the characters are handled while they are off-screen (they are still there, but invisible). So […]

Letter for Mimi 2 official walkthrough

There are 10 Huge Pencils you can find in the game, you need to collect all of them in order to finish the game. If you turn on Show Coordinates in the settings menu, it will be easier to use this walkthrough. Some characters wander around, so they will be somewhere near the coordinates mentioned. […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #30

I have put the ‘map editor’ project on halt, because it became difficult to work on two projects simultaneously. Currently, the game is developed by manipulating the *.xml format by hand. In the future I hope to revisit the map editor project. Python and Tkinter turned out to be not suited at all for my […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #13

Today I fixed the checkItem event, it is now able to check if multiple items (even duplicates) are present in the inventory. The next line in the dialogue will be the line with id 6 if there are two Town Maps in the inventory and one Test item. If this condition is not met, the […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #10

In the image above you can see coloured text in the dialogue, as many colours as you want can be implemented but for now there are only five (including white). Different colours can be used to indicate certain types of objects, such as items, people, events and places. When entering the text in the *.xml […]