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New games released on floppy disks

The idea of creating a game for an old console or pc is still on my mind. I did a little research to see how many ‘new’ releases were on this old medium. Here is a list of new games and music that have recently been released on floppy disk (the ones I could find, […]

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3.5 inch floppy disk jewel case trays

One of the things that is still on my mind is to create a retro-style game: on a floppy disk with game-art in a nice casing like in the old days. 3.5 inch floppy disks are easily available however, getting a tray for a standard jewel case is a lot harder to come by (unless […]

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Fitting a 3.5′ floppy disk in a 10.4mm CD jewelcase

In my previous blog-post I have discussed my idea’s on selling games on floppy disk, now I will show how I fitted a 3.5′ floppy disk in a CD case. Please note that I have used a standard (10.4mm) case, otherwise the beads won’t fit. What I have done, as you can see in the […]

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Kees’ Adventure 4 floppy disk

A while ago the idea popped in my in head to sell floppy disks with my games on them. Since all my games are available for free on the Internet, and floppy disks are a bit outdated, I doubt there is a market for these. Either way, I made a prototype featuring one of my […]

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