Dead Island – Multiplayer Problems

A couple of weeks ago me and three of my friends bought a four-pack of the game Dead Island for the PC. After seeing the awesome trailer, everyone was excited to play this awesome game. So we bought the game, and after receiving my game-code, I started the game, little did I know what I […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 6: Creating layers with FlxGroup

Index Previous part: Interactions In the previous part we have expanded both our Character and our PlayState class to deal with character interactions. We are now able to have basic dialogue, without any events attached to it. In this part we will group the on-screen items into layers, so it will be easier to manipulate […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 5: Interactions

Index Previous part: The World In the previous part we have made a world for our main character to live in and walk around. However, he is a bit sad and lonely and we want to give him a pal to talk to. The sad truth is however, that he cannot talk at all, since […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 4: The world

Index Previous Part: Characters In the previous part we have created a basic Character class that is able to move around on a grid, now we will create a world that fits the same grid. We will also look into the Character interaction with the world, such as using doors and collision-detection. The picture on […]

Flixel Adventure Game tutorial – Part 3: Characters

Index Previous part: Flixel basics In the previous part we have discussed how the gameloop of Flixel works and how we can manipulate objects either automatically by frame or by keyboard input. In this part we will start by taking a look at Object Oriented Programming (OOP), this means that specific functions of the program […]

Flixel Adventure Game tutorial – Part 2: Flixel Basics

Index Previous part: Getting the tools In the previous part we have focused on getting all the tools running and configured correctly, now we will start by getting to know how Flixel works. I have talked about the ‘gameloop’ before, it is something that is ran in the background by Flixel that keeps all objects […]

Flixel Adventure Game tutorial – Part 1: Getting the tools

Previous part: Index This part of the tutorial will cover getting the programs that we will be needing to make the game and setting them up correctly for this purpose. In the introduction I have stated that we will be programming a Flash game in Actionscript 3, while using the Flixel framework. We will program […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Index

Games that I enjoy making are adventure games, such as Kees’ Adventure: The Lost Chapter or Crossroads:2D. They remind me of my childhood when I used to play a lot of games like these, such as Pok√©mon and Zelda. What I liked about these games was that you get the feeling you can go everywhere […]