Korean pancake recipe

A while ago I have bought some Korean stuff, which included a package of Korean pancake mix. Because I can’t read Korean, finding out what the instructions were was difficult.

I did some ‘research’, e.g. using Google to look at pancake pictures, to see what ingredients people commonly use for this type of pancake. Basically, you can put a combination of sliced vegetables and/or sea fruits in the mix. You can make any mix of ingredients that your mind can think of. After searching for a while, I decided to settle for the following ingredients: unions, big shrimps, mushrooms and paprika.

If you don’t have access to Korean pancake mix, you can also try using regular pancake mix.


  • 1 kilogram Korean pancake mix
  • 2 unions
  • 1 package of big shrimps
  • 2 paprika’s
  • 5-7 large mushrooms
  • a few drops of Tabasco
  • water

Slice the paprika’s and put them in a big bowl.

paprika's sliced

Add the sliced mushrooms.


And add the sliced unions and the shrimps.

unions and shrimp

Then add the pancake mixture and enough water for a smooth batter, it should be a bit watery so it will spread more easily in the pan later on. If you want, you can add some Tabasco. Stir the mixture and go bake those pancakes! Be sure not to rush, because the pancakes might be quite thick so it takes a while for them to be done.

pancake in pan

Serve this with a glass of Korean beer and/or Soju and your Korean evening will be complete!

Bon appetit!

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