Korean drinks: soju, wine and beer

Soju Korean Beer

A package arrived today, containing drinks and some other Korean goods. Fortunately, I didn’t have to import them myself, I was able to buy the stuff at a webshop. As I have stated in a previous post about Asian drinks, I do not live close to an Asian supermarket. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to get certain products, so I order them on-line. It is easy and fast, but the downside is that I have no clue about what the common prices should be for these products, so I might have paid to much.

From left to right on the picture: soju (distilled rice wine), soju, plum wine, ginseng wine, cass beer, hite beer, Korean pancake mix and Korean banana crisp.

The title is a bit misleading, as you can see on the picture, there is more than just booze: banana crisp and pancake mix. I will be looking forward to making Korean pancakes, because, as you might know, I have made pancakes before and written an article about vegan pancakes. So trying this new type of pancake should be a nice new experience.

As for the other products, I’ll find a fitting time to consume them somewhere in the near future. 🙂

Edit 2017-04-28: The webshop which I had ordered the goods from is no longer online, so the link has been removed from this post.

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