Tsingtao beer and crown caps

tsingtao beer

This week a low-budget supermarket in my village had Chinese rice-beer on sale. Usually, this product is not sold in regular stores, only in Asian supermarkets. I went out and bought some, since the prices were pretty good.

At dinner today I drank a bottle and it was not as I had expected it to be. Although it was sweeter and lighter than any other beer that I have tried, it seemed to me the ‘special’ ingredient, rice, didn’t add that much flavour. Perhaps it was because this was imported beer, which can be of lower quality than any drinks brewed locally. Or I need to drink this more than once to appreciate it’s slightly different taste.

The reason I bought this type of beer was for the crown cap, I have been collecting these little things for quite a while now and I didn’t have a Tsingtao crown cap yet. Although my collection isn’t as big as that of this guy, it is getting along nicely. On top of that, I am also not collecting very actively, since I haven’t found a way to display my collection properly. At the moment, all my crown caps are in a bag. I have been looking around lately for ways of putting them in a binder some way or another, maybe using coin storage page sheets.

I will have to sort and count the items that are in my collection, so I can know how many storage sheets I will need. So for now I will put my Tsingtao crown cap with the others, in a bag.

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