Kees’ Adventure 4 WIP #1 – Walking in grass.

new Kees' Adventure, walking in grass
Kees walking in tall grass.

Due to my lack of planning related skills and general laziness, the development of the new episode for Kees’ Adventure has been a bit stalled. The screenshot above shows one of the new features I have added, walking ‘in’ tall grass.

Every character, has a ‘top-grass’ sprite linked to it, however, it is only visible if the character is on top of a grass tile. In previous engine versions (Crossroads:2D and Kees’ Adventure:TLC), players could only walk on top of grass, this created a perspective where tiles where either under the player, or inaccessible.

The summer holidays are coming up so I might be able to get some more work done then, meanwhile, I will post some more small updates that I have made.

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