Recap: Crossroads:2D

As I stated in my previous blog post that my latest game Crossroads:2D is a remake of a game I made in 2009. Because of the fact that the original game wasn’t received as well by the audience as I thought it would, I decided to remake it. However, I did not expect that the game would become such a hit!

The game got daily fifth place and was featured on the front page at On top of that, the number of people with me in their ‘favourite artists’ list more than doubled from 7 to 15.

I have used the Newgrounds API for the ads and to make the four different endings have as reward ng medals. This probably made the game more popular because people like playing games and earning medals/points.

Unfortunately, the game was not without bugs when I released it. Despite a lot of beta-testing there were still some (minor) problems. However, thanks to the people that placed reviews, I was able to fix all of them.

At time of writing the score is 3.71, which is a new personal record for my games scores on ng. Here is an image of how the score did over the course of the first four days:

Crossroads:2D graph
Click image to enlarge.

The sudden increase is due to the fact that the game got on the frontpage of Newgrounds, with a top of 3.77 after which it steadily declined until it stabilised around 3.71.

Despite a few hick-ups at the start, I think it is fair to say that Crossroads:2D was a small success.

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  1. Hi Kees,

    Ik heb veel plezier gehad met het spelen van jouw spel. Ik mis alleen een blok ijs, dat zal de gameplay heel wat verbeteren!
    Ik kijk uit naar Crossroads:3D!

    Groeten, Hans

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