Gold Bar Maze

A short maze game where the goal is to find the gold bars in the dungeon hidden somewhere in the forest.

This game was designed for the Linux Game Jam 2019 on It was developed using open source tools: Haxe, HaxeFlixel, Lime, Tiled, Gimp, and Vim. The game ended up on the 25th place out of a total of 33 submission. You can download the Linux version of the game at .

It has been a while since I have released a game. The purpose of creating this game was to experience participating in a game jam. In addition, I have never actually released a non Flash game, so this was a first in that respect as well. The hardest part was creating a game from scratch within a week. Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to spend on this due to other obligations in my life. I’ll keep an eye out for other game jams to join, since I did like the challenge.

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