Letter for Mimi 3 – incomplete battle animation

Letter for Mimi 3 battle animation

Getting used to Phaser takes a lot of time, and while I am programming the game I am discovering better practices for style and coding, so I might need to start refactoring soon. I have made a list of features that I want to implement in Letter for Mimi 3, one of which includes multiplayer battles. A lot of basic stuff has to be programmed first, such as the battles (at the moment you can only ‘attack’ as can be see in the gif above). We’ll have to see if the more ambitious features will make it into episode 3. The idea of the feature list is to distil it into product milestones and then make a planning. I don’t want to work on this game for a year like I did with Letter for Mimi 2, so I want to make a tight planning to help develop everything in a couple of months. I read that Zeboyd games made Breath of Death VII in four months (part-time), so I want to make the game in a time span similar to that. I am aiming for an hour of gameplay, so that should be realistic!

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