Letter for Mimi 2 – difficulty level

lfm2 pencil difficulties

I used the Newgrounds API to log when a player found a pencil. In the graph above you can see the number of times certain pencils were found. It is easy to spot that the pencils that did not require any items were easiest to find: the one in Mimi’s house, Yu’s house, etc. The island pencil requires an extra step if you had traded the green key with Freddy, so it is found least of all ‘zero step’ pencils. The others all follow within close proximity of each other, with Roxy’s pencil last. Perhaps that was the most difficult one, since it required the most number of steps to acquire. All in all not really surprising results, it is good to see the difficulty of each of the 10 pencils were received as planned: 5 easy ones and 5 more difficult ones. Some reviewers claimed the game could use even more puzzles and a longer story, so perhaps that is the way to go for the future.

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