Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #32

There was a memory leak in the game where the grass over-sprites kept accumulating after the player entered the exterior. I have fixed it and added a ‘hack‘ to force the garbage collector to do it’s thing. It now runs each time the player switches worlds, to ensure any remaining garbage is collected. I am worried that this might lead to incompatibility issues later on, I cannot foresee the consequences. I have also created a blog post which will open when you click the ‘walkthrough’ button in the main menu. For now it holds a place holder until I have the actual walkthrough up. In the past I made video walkthroughs and posted them on Youtube. This time I will make a written walkthrough. The idea behind this is when people Google vague key words such as ‘what does the blue key do in Letter for Mimi’ this blog will be more likely to get a high rank in the results.

I have decided to add the Newgrounds API to the game, and add achievements. Crossroads:2D was very popular and featured on the front page for a while, specifically due to the achievements. My hope is that more people will play it because of the achievements. The content of the game is finished at this moment and I am now working on the Newgrounds additions and polishing. I hope to release the game somewhere this week.

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  1. Well, since you are planning to release the game soon, let me send my early congratulations. I played the first Letter For Mimi game, for the first time, on another site, and that’s how I found your site. I’m glad that I did because I have enjoyed all of your games that I have played, so far, and I am excited to see what you came up with for Letter For Mimi 2. Once again, congratulations!

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