Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #31

Letter for Mimi 2 houses shadows example

I have been working on improving the graphics here and there; Adding shadows to tiles to give the game more depth and an increase in graphical appeal. The house on the right has no shadows, while the one on the left does have them. A subtle difference which I hope will make the overall image of the game more appealing. Besides graphics I have also worked on adding the content to the game. In previous games the execution of events preceded the text in the dialogue, i.e. the item check is done before the text is displayed. In the current engine this is the other way around, as you can probably imagine this leads to problems when a branch in dialogue is based on the possession of an item. I will try to find a solution to the problem without having to rewrite the dialogue engine. While adding the content to the game I get a better idea of the shortcomings of the engine and bad design. I wish I could rewrite everything, but I also know that releasing the game is more important since I am already so close to getting it done.

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  1. I’m having some of the same types of issues with my game. It’s so difficult, for me, at least, to know whether or not these ways of coding are going to cause problems later in development. I can only think of so many possibilities before I start actually coding. My suggestion would be to change all possible dialog text once the character gets the item, but I don’t know what the code is that you’re working with, so I don’t know if you’ll be able to do that. Well, one way or another, I hope that you get it all worked out.

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