One man can make a difference

“It’s what the 80s were about; heros fighting evil, fight for right. The theme of Knight Rider was one man can make a difference, and I’ve basically lived by that theme my whole life.” – David Hasselhoff

This citation above is from the commentary on the music video ‘True survivor’ by David Hasselhoff. I really like the idea what he talks about, it is something I try to incorporate in my games as well. The protagonists in Letter for Mimi, Kees Adventure, Crossroads: 2D are all people who make a difference on their own. I have heard that The Hoff had some rough times in his life when he was addicted to alcohol, it is good to see him getting it all back together. Knight Rider is an iconic 80s tv-show which I am sure many people love. I hope we will get to see more of him in similar roles in the future. The video clip above is part of a film called Kung Fury, you can watch it on YouTube.

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