Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #13

Today I fixed the checkItem event, it is now able to check if multiple items (even duplicates) are present in the inventory. The next line in the dialogue will be the line with id 6 if there are two Town Maps in the inventory and one Test item. If this condition is not met, the next line will be the line with id 2.

<line id="1">
    <text>#%Mimi:%# A #*Town Map*# can be really useful for adventurers!</text>
        <event trueId="6" falseId="2" item="Town Map,Town Map,Test">checkItem</event>

My plan for the next updates is to get the features in the engine to match those found in Kees Adventure: The Lost Chapter, and then release a game with this engine. I will then use the feedback on said game to integrate new features into the engine. Doing this will give me a good base to expand the game-engine in the future.

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