New games released on floppy disks

The idea of creating a game for an old console or pc is still on my mind. I did a little research to see how many ‘new’ releases were on this old medium. Here is a list of new games and music that have recently been released on floppy disk (the ones I could find, that is):

Actual games



The Amiga still has a big scene going on as can be seen here: Amiga 2014 games. However, none of these games are released on floppy. Since the Amiga is one of the few home entertainment systems that uses the 3.5 inch floppy, it is interesting to see that a lot of new games still come out for it.

Not a lot of new games come out on the floppy disk, probably because they are easily copied and their is not a large market for them.

2015-07-10 Added Retro City Rampage (DOS)

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