3.5 inch floppy disk jewel case trays

One of the things that is still on my mind is to create a retro-style game: on a floppy disk with game-art in a nice casing like in the old days. 3.5 inch floppy disks are easily available however, getting a tray for a standard jewel case is a lot harder to come by (unless you want to do it yourself).

On the internet I found some websites that still sell these 3.5 inch floppy/diskette trays. Unfortunately, most of them are only available in bulk, which means you have to buy 400 at once.

  • Plastic-collection.com

    From what I’ve found, these seem to have the only ‘real’ 10.4 mm 3.5 inch floppy disk jewel cases. There are two kinds they sell, besides the ‘floppy calender case’, which more sites sell. On top of that they also have the double-sided CD / Floppy tray, these are rare and difficult to find.

  • Iwonatec

    A case that can fit two floppy disks. These might also just be the regular ‘calender’ case, I am not sure about it.

  • mip-packaging.net

    These trays are different from the ones above since they are basically a cd tray with corners etched out to fit a floppy disk. The website states the following: ‘Perfect for retrogaming box sets!‘, it looks like they know their target audience! 🙂

  • jettrade.co.uk

    A 100 pack for 15 GBP (excluding VAT), which sounds like a great deal to me. One of the few websites that lists prices for this kind of product. The website seems to be malfunctioning at the time of writting.

  • Various

    A lot of websites sell calender cases that will fit a 3.5 inch diskette perfectly, most of these are even targeted as ‘floppy disk cases’.

Alternatives to the above are to make paper sleeves (you can find a lot of tutorials for this on YouTube), or to use some different kind of box to house the floppy.

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