One man can make a difference

“It’s what the 80s were about; heros fighting evil, fight for right. The theme of Knight Rider was one man can make a difference, and I’ve basically lived by that theme my whole life.” – David Hasselhoff This citation above is from the commentary on the music video ‘True survivor’ by David Hasselhoff. I really […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #29

There was a bug when the default world was smaller than the other worlds, the flxTileMap would not display properly when loading the larger world. I am not sure if this is a bug in Flixel or in my code, but I fixed it by resetting the flxLayer that contained the flxTileMap, and recreating the […]

Letter for Mimi 2 – wip #28

I fixed a bug where a character was able to walk on blocked tiles when a door/teleporter was next to a blocked tile. An example can be seen in the image above, the player walks on the stairs, the new world loads and he would have walked off the screen without a problem. Fixing this […]