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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Letter for Mimi – Walkthrough

Letter for Mimi walkthrough. The video lags a bit sometimes, this is due to the fact that Camtasia was not able to correctly capture the Flash screen.

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Bottle cap collection online

I have been working on a website to catalogue my bottle cap collection, the result so far can be seen above. As the goal is to create a clean overview of my collection, I decided to use the Twitter Bootstrap API and Font-Awesome as opposed to creating my own layout. I am pleased with the […]

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The Adventures of Greatbeard & Co. – part 2

This is an after-actions report for the Dungeons and Dragons game I am playing, you can read the previous part here. The party is a trio formed by: Zalgius, the rogue, Arcoda, the Cleric/Ranger and Greatbeard (me), the fighter. As we have played a lot of games between this story and the previous part of […]

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