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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Site update

The new website is up, looking fresher and greener than the two previous lay-outs. Central in this theme are the games, which can be visited directly from the homepage by clicking the little icons. I’ve also updated the logo of the website, it now features characters from various games I have made standing in line. […]

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Making hummus

Hummus is a paste made of chick peas and tahini (ground sesame seeds), it is a protein rich spread for your bread, fits a vegan diet and easy to make at home. At least, that is what I thought… it turns out it is difficult to get the consistency right the first time. Mashing the […]

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More Korean drinks

A while ago I had posted about some Korean stuff I had bought. Above is a picture of my latest purchases: plum wine, Bacchus energy drink, rice wine, bulgogi marinade and barley tea. I am not sure what to think of the Bacchus energy drink, it is supposed to be the Korean alternative to Red […]

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