Kees’ Adventure Let’s Play by jbeezie1234

I always enjoy seeing that people like my games, in this case someone made “let’s play” video’s for the Kees’ Adventure series. I am really flattered that ‘jbeezie1234′ took the time and effort to make these. If you want to see the other Kees’ Adventure “Let’s Play” video’s by jbeezie1234, you can find the links […]

Java Server with Flash Client prototype game

A short video demonstrating a test I did with connecting a couple of Flash clients to a Java server, my plan was to make a multi-user dungeon that would have components of the Kees Adventure series, be sure to watch it in high-definition. Because I do not have any experience with programming servers and/or network […]

Korean pancake recipe

A while ago I have bought some Korean stuff, which included a package of Korean pancake mix. Because I can’t read Korean, finding out what the instructions were was difficult. I did some ‘research’, e.g. using Google to look at pancake pictures, to see what ingredients people commonly use for this type of pancake. Basically, […]


“The Ouya is an upcoming video game console that will be built upon open-source software technology running on the Android mobile operating system. Julie Uhrman, a game industry veteran, founded the project. She brought in designer Yves BĂ©har to collaborate on the design of the project, and Muffi Ghadiali as product manager to put together […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 12: Tips

Index Previous part: Sound This post concludes the Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial, a mini-series for making an awesome Flash game. I hope you have learned some valuable skills and have had a lot of fun in the progress. Although the tutorial is far from perfect, and you still have a long way to go before […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 11: Sound

Index Previous part: Winning In the previous part we have made a menu and a credits screen, this was all done in complete silence. It’s time to change things for the better by adding some sounds to the mix. There are two types of audio that we will be looking at, sound effects and music. […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 10: Winning

Index Previous part: Item Trading In the previous part we have created dialogue for trading items between the player and a non-playable-character. In this part we will be looking into creating an end (credits screen) and a beginning (menu) to the game. For this tutorial we will just create an easy win-condition, delivering the letter […]

Flixel Adventure Game Tutorial – Part 9: Item Trading

Index Previous part: Picking up items In the previous part we have programmed how to pick up items from the world and delete items from our inventory. Now we will take a look at item trading, which will incorporate things we have learned in earlier in this tutorial. Let’s start out by writing a function […]