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3.5 inch floppy disk jewel case trays

One of the things that is still on my mind is to create a retro-style game: on a floppy disk with game-art in a nice casing like in the old days. 3.5 inch floppy disks are easily available however, getting a tray for a standard jewel case is a lot harder to come by (unless […]

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Samsung Chromebook with Ubuntu

I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook because I desired a laptop that was light-weight and cheap. A Macbook Air was a bit too expensive in my eyes, so I settled for a Chromebook which I installed Linux (Ubuntu) on. Installing another OS was a lot easier than I had anticipated, I followed this guide written […]

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Replacing the digitiser of my ZTE Blade phone

A year a go I had a run-in with a table which shattered the digitiser of my phone. Being a master of postponing and never getting stuff done, I have pulled myself together and installed a new digitiser. It took an hour because I was not able to get the old digitiser out of the […]

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Creating an arcade-controller – Part 3

Using some acrylic paint, I was able to paint four of the arcade buttons in different colours. In the first article I described a test I did using minature-model paint, and I can say that the acrylic paint covers a lot better. Depending on the colour, I did 2-3 layers of paint. At the moment, […]

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Creating an arcade-controller – Part 2

In my previous article on making an arcade-controller, I was thinking about using an Arduino development-board to register the button presses. Turns out one can easily modify an USB game-controller for the task. By looking at the picture you could argue that my soldering skills still aren’t the best, but I think I did a […]

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Electronic dice

The video embedded above shows an electronic dice that I put together, I bought the kit from www.digibytez.nl. Last time I picked up an soldering-iron was in high-school, so it took some time to get used to it again. Practising soldering on this fun gadget is part of a greater plan, that I revealed earlier […]

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Fitting a 3.5′ floppy disk in a 10.4mm CD jewelcase

In my previous blog-post I have discussed my idea’s on selling games on floppy disk, now I will show how I fitted a 3.5′ floppy disk in a CD case. Please note that I have used a standard (10.4mm) case, otherwise the beads won’t fit. What I have done, as you can see in the […]

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Kees’ Adventure 4 floppy disk

A while ago the idea popped in my in head to sell floppy disks with my games on them. Since all my games are available for free on the Internet, and floppy disks are a bit outdated, I doubt there is a market for these. Either way, I made a prototype featuring one of my […]

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Creating an arcade-controller – Part 1

I have been planning to make an upright arcade cabinet for a while now because I have always wanted to own one! Where I live, there aren’t a lot of arcade halls, on top of that playing games there cost a lot of money. Building a cabinet might be a bit to big of a […]

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“The Ouya is an upcoming video game console that will be built upon open-source software technology running on the Android mobile operating system. Julie Uhrman, a game industry veteran, founded the project. She brought in designer Yves Béhar to collaborate on the design of the project, and Muffi Ghadiali as product manager to put together […]

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