3.5 inch floppy disk jewel case trays

One of the things that is still on my mind is to create a retro-style game: on a floppy disk with game-art in a nice casing like in the old days. 3.5 inch floppy disks are easily available however, getting a tray for a standard jewel case is a lot harder to come by (unless […]

Samsung Chromebook with Ubuntu

I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook because I desired a laptop that was light-weight and cheap. A Macbook Air was a bit too expensive in my eyes, so I settled for a Chromebook which I installed Linux (Ubuntu) on. Installing another OS was a lot easier than I had anticipated, I followed this guide written […]

Creating an arcade-controller – Part 2

In my previous article on making an arcade-controller, I was thinking about using an Arduino development-board to register the button presses. Turns out one can easily modify an USB game-controller for the task. By looking at the picture you could argue that my soldering skills still aren’t the best, but I think I did a […]

Fitting a 3.5′ floppy disk in a 10.4mm CD jewelcase

In my previous blog-post I have discussed my idea’s on selling games on floppy disk, now I will show how I fitted a 3.5′ floppy disk in a CD case. Please note that I have used a standard (10.4mm) case, otherwise the beads won’t fit. What I have done, as you can see in the […]


“The Ouya is an upcoming video game console that will be built upon open-source software technology running on the Android mobile operating system. Julie Uhrman, a game industry veteran, founded the project. She brought in designer Yves Béhar to collaborate on the design of the project, and Muffi Ghadiali as product manager to put together […]