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D&D book and Power Cards

I picked up the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook and a set of Martial Power Fighter Cards from a local retailer. The quality of the book surprised me, it is a full-colour hardcover book full of detailed pictures of fantasy creatures. The cover has a glossy pop-up effect, which looks cool. Besides the book and […]

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The Adventures of Greatbeard & Co. – part 2

This is an after-actions report for the Dungeons and Dragons game I am playing, you can read the previous part here. The party is a trio formed by: Zalgius, the rogue, Arcoda, the Cleric/Ranger and Greatbeard (me), the fighter. As we have played a lot of games between this story and the previous part of […]

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The Adventures of Greatbeard & Co. – part 1

This is an after action report for the dungeons and dragons game I am playing, the dungeonmaster started the game based of the story as written in the Red Box, so it might be familiar to you. The first part is the start of the Red Box from the player’s perspective (in this case, me), […]

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Dungeons and Dragons

As someone who works with computers every day it is only a matter of time before you start playing Dungeons and Dragons, or ‘D&D’. I played my first game two weeks ago, and it was a lot of fun. The dungeon master, ‘DM’, was a bit unprepared for all weird things the group of adventurers […]

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