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Various recipes and other cooking adventures.

Making hummus

Hummus is a paste made of chick peas and tahini (ground sesame seeds), it is a protein rich spread for your bread, fits a vegan diet and easy to make at home. At least, that is what I thought… it turns out it is difficult to get the consistency right the first time. Mashing the […]

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More Korean drinks

A while ago I had posted about some Korean stuff I had bought. Above is a picture of my latest purchases: plum wine, Bacchus energy drink, rice wine, bulgogi marinade and barley tea. I am not sure what to think of the Bacchus energy drink, it is supposed to be the Korean alternative to Red […]

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Hummus and Tabasco

When you live on a vegan or vegetarian diet, something you will encounter frequently is hummus, a paste made of mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Truth be told I don’t really like the taste of the pure stuff. You can buy different variants of hummus, for example with […]

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Korean pancake recipe

A while ago I have bought some Korean stuff, which included a package of Korean pancake mix. Because I can’t read Korean, finding out what the instructions were was difficult. I did some ‘research’, e.g. using Google to look at pancake pictures, to see what ingredients people commonly use for this type of pancake. Basically, […]

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Korean drinks: soju, wine and beer

A package arrived today, containing drinks and some other Korean goods. Fortunately, I didn’t have to import them myself, I was able to buy the stuff at a webshop. As I have stated in a previous post about Asian drinks, I do not live close to an Asian supermarket. Sometimes it can be difficult for […]

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Tsingtao beer and crown caps

This week a low-budget supermarket in my village had Chinese rice-beer on sale. Usually, this product is not sold in regular stores, only in Asian supermarkets. I went out and bought some, since the prices were pretty good. At dinner today I drank a bottle and it was not as I had expected it to […]

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How to replace eggs in a vegan pancake recipe

After my first pancake adventure, I set myself on a quest to make vegan flapjack pancakes. The four main ingredients for a general pancake recipe are flour, baking powder, milk and eggs. The first two are vegan however, the other two create some problems. Milk is a diary product and eggs are a product ‘made’ […]

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American-style pancake recipe

Usually when I eat pancakes, they are very thin (also called crêpes in French). So I decided it was time for something else, therefore I made American-style pancakes ‘flapjacks’ today: They taste great as breakfast or lunch, here is a recipe so you can make your own! You will need: -2 tablespoons of olive oil […]

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