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Short update

As a Linux enthusiast I have been using Ubuntu since version 12, and recently I had upgraded my computer from 14.04 to 16.04. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and I accidentally wiped my home partition. Fortunately, the code for Letter for Mimi 3 is under version control, so I could just re-clone the repository. However, […]

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Letter for Mimi 3 – battle mockup #1

The monster sprites are from DawnLike, it is a really cool graphics set (and open-source!). I am experimenting with different battle screens, this is the first test I did. The layout is inspired by the Shining Force games. This view should also be able to work well for touch-screen devices.

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One man can make a difference

“It’s what the 80s were about; heros fighting evil, fight for right. The theme of Knight Rider was one man can make a difference, and I’ve basically lived by that theme my whole life.” – David Hasselhoff This citation above is from the commentary on the music video ‘True survivor’ by David Hasselhoff. I really […]

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New games released on floppy disks

The idea of creating a game for an old console or pc is still on my mind. I did a little research to see how many ‘new’ releases were on this old medium. Here is a list of new games and music that have recently been released on floppy disk (the ones I could find, […]

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Happy new year!

I want to wish everyone a happy new year, let’s make 2015 the best year ever! 😀

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SEO website update

I worked on a little project today to optimise the website for search engines, or search engine optimisation. One of the things I have done is added meta tags to all the pages, which now contain keywords like ‘Flixel’, ‘Flash’, ‘games’ and ‘tutorials’. As you might have noticed, I have also added a favicon which […]

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Three years

It has been about three years since kcnhgames.com went online, 2014 will mark the fourth year, with many more to come! This year I hope to post more often on this blog, and release a lot more games. I want to wish everyone a happy and prolific 2014!

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Happy new year!

I want to wish everyone a very healthy and prosperous 2013!

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Crossroads:2D let’s play by FakeVideoGameLord

It always warms my heart to see people like my game, ‘FakeVideoGameLord’ posted a let’s play video of Crossroads:2D on youtube. He only showed how to get the knight ending, so, I had asked him to incorporate the other three endings too. The result is the 17-minute long video embedded in this post. After watching […]

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Kees’ Adventure Let’s Play by jbeezie1234

I always enjoy seeing that people like my games, in this case someone made “let’s play” video’s for the Kees’ Adventure series. I am really flattered that ‘jbeezie1234′ took the time and effort to make these. If you want to see the other Kees’ Adventure “Let’s Play” video’s by jbeezie1234, you can find the links […]

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